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We’re thankful for: our mother’s love and compassionate hospice care

Our mother, Mignonne (Mickie), raised us in a small northern town called Kirkland Lake. Although money was a bit tight, we never felt poor: our mom gave us the kind of richness that only love can provide. She was hard-working, dedicated to her family, and a complete “mama bear”. We always felt protected under mom’s watch.

Though she was only 5’2” and all of 110lbs, mom was a formidable presence. Small but mighty, our mother was a pillar of strength for our family over the years. She was intensely devoted to us throughout our lives and eventually, also to her seven grandchildren.

Mom had the most incredible creative spirit. She sketched beautiful portraits of family members, she hand-sewed Halloween costumes and clothing for our kids and she loved all kinds of music. Sunday mornings would be spent together listening to the oldies, though mom was just as content to listen to Lady Gaga or Glen Campbell. She was a lifelong learner, and particularly proud of her ability to pick up on the newest technologies. Mom’s grandkids even affectionately called her Gadget Granny. Her laugh was loud and contagious.

You can imagine how devastated we were when mom’s health began to decline after a series of complications including a cancer diagnosis. In February 2018, mom was told she had just 3 to 6 months to live. But as we mentioned before, our mother was mighty! She defied those odds, and lived independently for some time before moving in with Tracy’s family in March 2020. It wasn’t until mom experienced a gastrointestinal bleed that we knew it was time to tour Margaret Bahen Hospice.

Though the idea of losing our mom was unimaginable, we were heartened by the hospice’s inviting facility and attentive staff.

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