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The Day of Care Program at Margaret Bahen Hospice provides families and community members the opportunity to mark a special day in memory or recognition of a loved one.

There are no costs to residents and families to stay at our Hospice, however donations from the community ensure that our programs remain available to those who need them. You can support a Day of Care as an individual, as a family, as a company or as a community group.

Our government funding covers just over 50% of our operational costs and some medical supplies, leaving a gap of $850,000 that must be raised from community supporters on an annual basis.

Your donation as part of our Day of Care Program will help ensure that our Hospice remains available to York Region residents when they need it the most. Your support also helps to make our Hospice feel like a home through special moments that will last forever.

For example…

One of our Residents at Margaret Bahen Hospice was visited by a very special guest, Okie. We learned early on that this resident had a great love of horses and our care team quickly sprang into action to create a very special Hospice Moment. It was a beautiful experience for our Hospice resident, their family, and our staff.

Our Recognition to You

  • We know that your chosen day will be meaningful for you and we will honour it by displaying your name in a display frame in our reception area on your day of choice.
  • We will create a personalized keepsake certificate that recognizes your support and displays your chosen day.
  • We will invite you to visit Margaret Bahen Hospice on your chosen day for a cup of tea, chat in the courtyard or quiet visit in the kitchen.

Consider supporting a Day of Care for Margaret Bahen Hospice