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We believe our Mission, Vision, and Beliefs captures the values of our community and the spirit of our organization. They guide the daily decisions of our staff, help us to set the strategic priorities of our organization, provide the framework for measuring our success, and support us to meet our commitment to deliver quality services every day.

Our Mission

To support the individuals in our community in maintaining their independence, enhancing their social wellbeing, and optimizing their overall health and wellness through the provision of a wide range of community support services and leisure opportunities.

Our Vision

Our community will experience a BETTER quality of life.

At Better Living Health and Community Services we are here to make a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve and their loved ones. We want to improve their quality of life and are committed to providing a continuum of services which can be individualized to meet the diverse and changing needs of those in our community in a way that is meaningful to each person. This may mean: staying in the family home longer with the help of our Home Maintenance Services; getting a nutritious hot meal from our Meals on Wheels service; staying fit, healthy and active at our Better Living Community Centre; or dying with dignity, at home, with loved ones and support from our Hospice Services.

Our Beliefs

Providing an Exceptional Client Experience

We will demonstrate this belief in every interaction by upholding our Client Declaration of Values; ensuring that the Client is at the centre of decisions made both about individualized care and the organization’s objectives; and working diligently to deliver a convenient, responsive and seamless service experience.

Power of Our People

We will achieve our goals and live our values through an exceptional team of employees and volunteers who work both directly with our Clients and behind the scenes to deliver services. We recognize the importance of, and will invest in, our team to help them lead, grow, and improve the delivery of services so that together we can provide an exceptional standard of care and meet the challenges of the future.

Strength of Our Community

We are part of an extensive network of Clients, Caregivers, Employees, Volunteers, Community Partners, Residents, Politicians, Governing Bodies, Supporters, and other stakeholders who work together to define and deliver a continuum of individualized programs and services. We rely on the engagement of our community to understand changing needs; achieve the goals of the organization, and to work together to meet the future demands of the aging population.

Generosity of Our Supporters

At Better Living we want to connect to our community in a meaningful way; inspire a spirit of generosity, and engage our supporters in the drive to fund essential services. We will engage community leaders and ambassadors within our organization to build resources and investment in the work we do.

Outstanding Quality and Innovation

Our Clients will receive the highest quality of care. We will adopt best practice standards; measure ourselves against our own standards and the standards of the healthcare community, and continuously work towards improved Client outcomes. We will also continue to build our own history, constantly challenging ourselves to find new and innovative ways to provide a continuum of programs and services that will meet the challenging needs of our community.