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It never occurred to me that I might lose my brother one day. After all, I’d never known a life without him.

John and I were the fourth and fifth of six siblings, and we were always close. We grew up in a small town in the Georgina area, along with our parents and four other sisters. John’s presence was a constant – for me, and for our town.

Though he was an introvert, John spent his adulthood as a bartender. He worked at our local Legion and got to know just about everyone during his time there. My brother was a pool shark, a lover of darts, and a trivia champion. You always wanted him on your team.

But I didn’t know John was hiding something from me. It was only after he was rushed to the hospital in December 2020 that I found out my brother had been feeling unwell for some time. Soon enough, we received the diagnosis everyone fears.

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