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Destination: Staycation is in support of the Better Living family of organizations, which includes seniors care and support in our long-term care home in the Don Mills and North York communities, programs offered through our location sites, and our residential and community hospice services in York Region. Through Destination: Staycation, our goal is to connect our community through shared virtual travel to selection destinations around the world.

How it works

We are partnering with a tour company that has professional tour guides around the world.

You choose a location and a date and we set up your unique virtual tour with a professional tour guide right in the destination you’ve chosen, in real time!

Take off on an adventure with your colleagues or a group of friends and see some sights from the comfort of your own home. Your group will also receive a themed gift that represents the destination you’re visiting!

Email us at or call (905) 967-1500 x632 to register your group!