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My BETTERLIVING is a magazine-style newsletter, published twice a year, with a readership of over 8000.

Advertising in MyBetterLiving magazine is a great opportunity to reach a target audience of over 8000 readers in a creative and compelling way. We can present your brand’s message in various designs and sizes that suit your budget.

Let us help you decide…

5000 of our readers are consumers that live in and around the Don Mills area.

1500 of our readers are professional contacts that support the work we do 1000 of our reader are loved ones of the clients we serve 6000 of our readers are 50+ living in the Toronto North East area

1000 of our reader follow us on our Social media pages

700 of our readers are active members of the Better Living Community Centre and participate in various recreational, leisure and fitness classes.

To get a quote or for more information, please contact the Marketing Department at Better Living Health and Community Services: Phone: 416.447.7244 ext. 615 or email: